1. Accounting

    The Town Accountants office maintains detailed records of the town and prepares all financial, statistical and operational reports for local, state and federal purposes.

  2. Animal Shelter

    Find department hours, contact information, license information, and much more.

  3. Assessors Office

    The Assessors are charged with assessing all property at full and fair cash value via sales, inspections through building permits and abatements.

  4. Board of Health

    Look up information on the Board of Health.

  5. Building Department

    The Canton Building Department is a public safety office that enforces all applicable codes, laws and regulations to ensure all buildings and structures are constructed and maintained in a safe and usable manner.

  6. Council on Aging

    The purpose of the Council on Aging is to identify needs and implement programs that will enhance the quality of life and independence of the seniors of Canton and to educate the community to the needs of its seniors.

  7. Conservation Commission

    The Conservation Commission is charged with the protection of a community's natural resources, the administering of the Wetlands Protection Act (G.L. Ch. 131 §40), the administering of the Canton Wetlands Protection By-Law (Article XV).

  8. Economic Development

    The Economic Development Committee works to ensure that there will be a professional and open level of communication, support and trust between our business community members and our town government.

  9. Emergency Management

    Learn all about the Emergency Management Department of Canton and prepare yourself for a variety of emergency situations.

  10. Executive Office

    The Executive Office is comprised of the Town Administrator and support staff for the Board of Selectmen. In accordance with policy guidelines established by the Board of Selectmen, the Town Administrator supervises, directs and coordinates town-wide, those municipal services and areas of responsibility under the jurisdiction and control of the Board of Selectmen. This administrative officer performs administrative, technical, and supervisory work. Researches, analyzes and recommends changes in Town policies, systems and procedures.

  11. Facilities and Grounds Division

    Facilities and Grounds Division takes care of all repairs, maintenance, and cleaning of municipal properties.

  12. Finance Department

    The Department of Finance is responsible for the management of the fiscal affairs of the Town and for the supervision and coordination of all activities of all government agencies in relation to any financial matters except for those matters which are authorized to be under the administration of the School Committee.

  13. Fire Department

    The mission of the Canton Fire Department is to protect the lives and property of the citizens and visitors to Canton by providing the highest possible level of service through fire prevention, public education, fire suppression, emergency medical services and mitigation of the effects of natural and man made disasters.

  14. Human Resources Department

    The Human Resources Department assists the Town and School Department by attracting, retaining and motivating high quality, customer oriented employees.

  15. Library

  16. Management Information Systems

    The Management Information Systems Department is a division of the Finance Department for the Town of Canton. The MIS Department is responsible to perform system facility management and its mission is to maximize existing resources regarding technology and provide direction and guidance in implementing new technology to enhance performance and produce better services to the town.

  17. Planning

    The Planning Board is charged with approving subdivisions, approving technical aspects of commercial site construction, submitting zoning by-laws, overseeing our scenic ways, and presenting new streets for acceptance by the town to town meeting.

  18. Police

    Visit the local police website.

  19. Public Works

    The Public Works Department is responsible for the operation and maintenance of Town’s roads, stormwater, water, and sewer collection systems, Trash and recycle contract, public shade trees, and municipal cemeteries.

  20. Parks & Recreation

    Canton Parks & Recreation is dedicated to enriching the lives of all citizens through diverse and innovative recreational programs and services. Our parks provide support for passive and active recreation that contributes to enhancing the quality of life.

  21. School Department

  22. Town Planner

    View forms that are important to the Town Planner.

  23. Treasurer / Collector

    The Town Treasurer / Collector is appointed by the Director of Finance and is responsible for investing all town funds.

  24. Town Clerk

    The Town Clerk is the chief election official. The clerk supervises voter registration, election officers and the general conduct of elections. This entails many responsibilities such as scheduling election works, preparing the ballot, setting up the polling place and maintaining voter files. The Town Clerk is also registrar of vital statics (births, marriages and death records), keeper of public records, recording officer and licensing officer. The Town Clerk also acts as the Parking Clerk for the Town of Canton.

  25. Veterans Services

    The Veterans Services Department provides information, assistance and referral services to veterans and their dependents, assessing clients' eligibility for benefits, processing applications and preparing reports as required by the town and state.

  26. Zoning

    The Zoning Board of Appeals deals with matters of density, parking, height and locations of buildings and structures, uses of buildings and structures, requirements for build-able lots, signs, earth removal, and uses as they pertain to zoning districts, and overlay districts.