Yard Waste

There have been some changes to the Yard Waste Recycling Facility.  One of the changes is the access to the Household Bulk Waste facility can be accessed through the Yard Waste Recycling Facility. The other change is both facilities will be opened year round.  Monday through Saturday 7:30am to 4:00pm with winter hours to be determined.  The Yard Waste Recycling stickers can be used from January 1, 2016 to December 31, 2016. 
 The Yard Waste Recycling Facility located at 99 Pine Street will open April 1, 2016 year round to dispose of leaf and yard waste with winter hours to be determined.  Residents must purchase a yard waste recycling sticker.  Residents can also dispose of household bulk waste in the dumpsters located at 99 Pine Street .  Residents must show a valid drivers license.  No commercial vehicles are allowed.
Day of the Week
Patriot's Day Monday April 18, 2016
Memorial Day
May 30, 2016
Independence Day Monday July 4, 2016
Labor Day Monday September 5, 2016
Columbus Day Monday October 10, 2016
Veteran's Day Friday November11, 2016
Thanksgiving Day Thursday November 24, 2016

Yard Waste Recycling Stickers
Residents are required to obtain and display a Yard Waste Recycling Sticker on participating vehicles. Please display sticker on the passenger side front windshield.  Yard Waste Stickers may be purchased at the Yard Waste Recycling Center on Pine Street or at the Public Works Department Administration Office located at 801 Washington Street on the lower level of the building. The fee for a Yard Waste Sticker is $10.00.  Proof of residency and a license plate number of the participating vehicle is required each year for a permit.

The Public Works office is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 am till 4:00pm to sell Yard Waste Recycling Stickers and assist residents with exceptions to the yard waste recycling permit program.


Yard Waste includes leaves, grass, dead flowers or plants, hedge clippings, wood chips, tree trimmings or pruning's 4 inches in diameter or less.

No poison ivy, bamboo, oak, sumac, diseased, infected, invasive plants, roots, or stumps will be accepted.

ALL BAGS must be EMPTIED. Once emptied the biodegradable bags may be placed at the designated area.