Canton Alliance Against Substance Abuse


The Canton Alliance Against Substance Abuse (CAASA) was established in 2013 to address youth substance abuse. CAASA consists of a diverse representation of invested community partners who are representatives from Public Health, the Schools, Fire Rescue, Police, Parks and Recreation, Norfolk County DA’s office, students, clinicians, and parents. Our collaboration allows for a 360 degree perspective on the issues affecting Canton and how best to address them.

Monthly CAASA Meetings

Meetings are held the third Monday each month at 3:30PM at the Canton Department of Parks and Recreation at 92 Pleasant Street.

Intervention Kits

Free resources with support from the Norfolk District Attorney Michael Morrissey's Office.  Kits are available from Parks and Recreation, Police, and Fire Departments.  If you would like to order a kit and have it mailed to your home (Canton residents only), please click here.

Drop-In Centers

A time for individuals and families of individuals to gather information, reflect on personal experiences, and walk away with some guidance from within the community.  Free intervention kits will be available for attendees. 

CAASA in the News

Canton Alliance Against Substance Abuse Logo
Prevention. Intervention. Treatment. Recovery.


To reduce the demand and the abuse of drugs and alcohol in the Canton community, with a special focus on middle and high school age students, while creating a culture of good decision making.

Educational Kiosks

Located at Canton Town Hall and Parks and Recreation. Coming soon to Police, Fire, Library, COA, and Public Health.

Virtual Materials
  • Youth
  • Adults
  • Seniors
Addiction Information
  Family Support

  Prevention Resources
  Treatment Resources
  Recovery Resources

CAASA Members

  • Nick Pirelli, Chair, Parks and Recreation
    Term Expires: 2019 
  • Charlie Doody, Vice Chair, Fire/Rescue
    Term Expires: 2019
  • Janet Donnelly, Secretary, Community Member
    Term Expires: 2017
  • Kevin Pratt, Community Member
    Term Expires: 2017
  • Kenneth Berkowitz, Police 
    Term Expires: 2019
  • Terri Khoury, Public Health
    Term Expires: 2018
  • Ryan Gordy, School Department
    Term Expires: 2018