Hazard Mitigation Plan update Survey

The Town of Canton updating the Town’s Hazard Mitigation Plan which was previously approved on December 9, 2010 by FEMA. This existing hazard mitigation plan identifies natural and human caused hazards throughout the Town. It also presents an assessment of critical facilities vulnerable to these hazards. The new and updated plan will list potential actions needed to reduce risk and future damage.

Take this survey! Your input will help the local planning team to understand the community’s concerns, and your input will help guide discussions during the plan development process.

Attend public meetings. At least two public meetings will be held during the planning process in each participating community to discuss the plan's progress and content. Meeting notices and related documents will be posted on your community's website.Thank you for your participation and input!

This survey is open to residents and other stakeholders in participating communities, including business operators, property owners, local officials, and institutional or organizational partners. Please limit your response to ONE (1) per household, business or organizations.

Although the plan enables the Town to be eligible for various assistance grants, the plan’s value really lies in the identification of hazards and helps the Town and its residents better prepare for disasters.

The previously approved plan can be found on the Town’s web site here.

The Hazard Mitigation Survey can be taken here.