Press Release


 The Town of Canton water department will activate a new groundwater supply and return three existing groundwater supplies to service over the next several months. This will substantially reduce the town’s dependence on water provided to the town by the Massachusetts water resource authority (MWRA).  For approximately the last eighteen months, the town has purchased all of its water from the MWRA while the existing wells were being rehabilitated and the new well, known as well no. 9, was being constructed.  

As the source water is transferred from MWRA surface water to local groundwater, consumers may notice temporary changes in the appearance of the water. This is primarily due to the fact that the direction of flow in the town’s distribution piping will change in certain areas and the water chemistry of the two sources is sufficiently different that some reactions will be taking place during a  blending and stabilization period.  The quality of water will meet all state and federal drinking water standards during this transfer but the color may have a temporary aesthetic impact to consumers. Water may range from slight yellow to brown in color.  In order to mitigate the potential for color problems, a flushing program will be completed in certain portions of the distribution system to minimize the impact of flow reversals by removing settled materials that may have accumulated since the last round of flushing.

 The town’s public works department has been carefully planning this transfer from MWRA water to local sources over the last several months and seeks your understanding and patience for any temporary changes you may notice in your water supply as this transfer occurs.