Dogs Available For Adoption




Remember to call to be added to the waiting list if you are interested in finding a dog.   We even get young dogs and purebreds in!  

While it is nice to see people picking up after their dogs while walking them, please dispose of all waste in an appropriate manner.  Do not dispose of dog waste by dropping it into catch basins, please bag it up and dispose of it with your trash.  Thank you

The renovations to the dog kennel room at the shelter are complete; we have a limited number of cages available to the residents of Canton for boarding dogs . 

  • Dogs must be currently vaccinated for Distemper, Rabies & Kennel Cough.

  • If the animal needs to be medicated there is additional charge.

Rates:   Dogs  :  $15 per day  

  Please call us for details if you are interested.

  Kennel area with a new coat of paint