Cats Available For Adoption

CATS: All of these cats have been spayed or neutered and have been tested (unless otherwise noted).



Mittens loves people.  Shes about 3 years old and loves to snuggle as long as there are no other cats around.  She would do best in a home where she will be the only cat. 




Meet Muffin!  This sweet little girl is only about a year old.  Shes affectionate towards people but needs to be in a one cat home.






Meet Kiwi!  Kiwi was scared when she first got here but has really come around.  Shes still trying to decide how she feels about the other cats.  They make her a little nervous but shes not nasty about it.  We think this pretty girl is about 7 years old.  Please call or stop by the shelter for more information.




Several people have asked me what do the letters DSH, DMH and DLH  mean .  They are abbreviations for Domestic Short Hair, Domestic Medium Hair, Domestic Long Hair.  Domestic just means the cat is not a specific breed such as Siamese or Maine Coon.