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Canton Animal Control/Shelter

Location:       150R Bolivar St behind the Department of Public Works

        Hours:          Mon, Wed - Fri 8 to 4 (its best to phone first in case we are out on a call)
                               Tue  8 to 6
                                Weekends by appt.

We have someone on call 24 hours for Emergencies (i.e., injured  animal.) Call the Police Dept. at 781-828-1212 and they will page the person on-call.

Reminder 2014 dog licenses are due by April 1st.


            Contact Numbers:             781-575-6507 - Office
                                                           781-575-6594  - Fax

            Personnel:                             Animal Control Officer

           On-Call / Weekend Staff      Stacy Nee                           Joe Regan
                                                             Ali Kelley                          Rick Brooks


 The Animal Control Department provides shelter, care and comfort for lost or homeless animals in the town.


Q:  Is there a leash law?

A:  Yes ? there is a Leash Law which states ?Dogs must be restrained by a chain or lead that is suitable for the size and strength of the dog and is attended by a person of adequate age and ability to control the dog.

Q:  Can the Animal Control Department remove wildlife?

A:  According to State Law ?No wild animal can be removed unless it is sick or injured.

The responsibilities of this department include enforcing the license and leash laws.  All dogs in the Town of Canton must be licensed by May 30 of each year.

Licenses are issued by the Town Clerk at the Town Hall.  To obtain a license, proof of up to date rabies vaccination must be shown.


            License Fee:  $15.00 Spay or Neutered
                                   $20.00 Not Spayed/neutered

            Fines:              Pick-up                        $10.00       
                        Board                           $15.00 per day   
                             Leash Law Violation            $25.00 1st offense  
                                                                        $50.00 2nd offense                      
                                                                        $75.00 3rd offence                       
                                                                      $100.00 4th offence 

 If a dog is lost and it is wearing its? license tag we will notify the owner.

 If we find an untagged animal and we are unable to locate the owner, or the owner does not claim it in 10 days the dog/cat then becomes available for adoption.

 This department will provide information and assistance to residents with regard to wildlife situations, within the guidelines of State and Local laws.


              - Please spay and neuter your pets!

              - Make sure your pets vaccinations are up to date.
              - License your dog by May 30.  A license is protection for your animal.
             - Do not leave pet food outside.  This is a magnet for wildlife.
              - Do not leave cats or small dogs outside alone. 
              - Rubbish should be contained on a securely covered receptacle.
              - Tell your children - Do not approach wildlife even if it is acting friendly 


 The Animal Control Dept encourages visitors to our shelter. We are available to answer questions regarding animal regulations/ care/ behavior/ wildlife information.

 The Richard A. Stein Animal Shelter has a limited number of cages available to the residents of Canton for boarding dogs . 

  • Dogs must be currently vaccinated for Distemper, Rabies & Kennel Cough.

  • If the animal needs to be medicated there is additional charge.

Rates:   Dogs  :  $15 per day  

 Boarding is also available for cats.  Rate is $12 per day


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