The David Tilden House
at Pequitside Farm

Help us save one of Canton's most historic sites for future generations.

Current Rehabilitation Project

We have begun Phase I of the emergency repairs to the David Tilden House. Please check back frequently to measure our progress.

Short Term Mission:

  • To support and protect the physical structure and historic fabric to the greatest extent possible.
  • Engage in funding the short term goals.
  • Raise public awareness about the project plans.

Mid-Term Mission:

  • To define a preservation plan and develop appropriate rehabilitation that will protect the building in its historic context.
  • To raise monies that will implement the preservation plan.
  • To seek and define uses consistent with the preservation plan.

Long-Term Mission

  • To develop programs and uses that will further protect the Tilden House.
  • To find ways to promote the historical legacy of the building for the people of the Commonwealth.