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Insurance Information

 Open enrollment for medical and dental insurance is during May of each year and effective July 1st. An open enrollment informational sheet is sent to retiree’s homes and stuffed in employee’s paychecks.  The flyer indicates the new rates, which are effective July 1st and the timeframe to make changes to your plans.

 All new employees must enroll on the plan within 31 days of their initial hire date  or during open enrollment.  The exception to this is if the employee or retiree has a qualifying event.  Qualifying events are listed in the attached Health Benefits Policy VI-70 and Dental Benefits VI-110.  Please contact the Human Resources Administrator for open enrollment dates for subsidized term life insurance.

                       Open Enrollment Forms

BCBS FORM                         
Delta Dental Enrollment Form
BOS MUT Certificate Change Form
Delta Dental Student Affidavit
Address Change Form

2013 - 2014 Insurance Rates


Premium Assistance Notification - Medicaid

 Insurance Policies

Health Benefits VI-70 Policy
Dental Benefits VI – 110
Basic Life Insurance VI – 79

 Health Insurance – The Town of Canton offers its employees and retirees the following medical insurance options:

            HMO Blue New England (Network Blue) – summary document 
            Blue Care Elect (PPO) – summary document
            Medex (must also be enrolled on Medicare A & B) – summary document

            HMO Plan Document
            PPO Plan Document
            Medex Plan Document

            Dental Insurance – The Town of Canton offers its employees and retirees a two-tiered dental program through Delta Dental.  Listed below is dental summary sheet and entire plan document:

             Dental Summary Sheet - Basic 
                  Delta Dental –  Basic plan document
             Dental Summary Sheet Enhanced (includes Basic)  
                  Delta Dental - Enhanced plan document 
             Dental Web Login Document                 
             Dental Rollover Max Information (included with Enhanced only)
             Dental PreTreatment Estimates Outline
Dental Amalgam Fact Sheet
Dental Preventative Sheet
Orthodontic Coverage at a Glance+
Orthodontic Benefit Coverage Sheets

             Early Childhood Dental Care                                  Amalgam fact sheet 

Flexible Spending Accounts– Withhold pre-taxed dollars from your paycheck to pay for health related expenses and dependent care expenses.  The new annual contribution limits are:

            $5,000 dependent care account            $2,500 medical spending account

*You must re-enroll in this plan each year.

Open enrollment for flexible spending accounts is in May for the plan July 1st 2014 - June 30th 2015.  Employees will receive advanced notification with the dates of open enrollment period. 

 If interested, employees must enroll in a flexible spending account during open enrollment – unless you’re new to the Town of Canton/Canton Public Schools or experiences a change in family status.  Please contact your Human Resources Administrator if you think you have a change in family status throughout the year that may meet the criteria of a qualifying event.

FSA Open Enrollment/Change form          
Flex Choice Claim for Reimbursement -medical & dependent expenses


Term Life Insurance/ Accidental Death and Dismemberment – The Town of Canton offers its employees and retirees $5,000 of basic life insurance/accidental death and dismemberment coverage.  Open enrollment for $5,000 basic term life insurance is May, effective July 1st, however, may not be offered every year.  Please see yearly open enrollment flyers for additional information.


Optional Term Life Insurance – Employees may purchase optional term life insurance in the amount of up to five times their annual salary or $300,000 whichever is less.  Spousal life insurance can be purchased for up to 50% of your coverage but not more than $50,000.  Life insurance can be purchased for dependent children (ages 1 year to 19 years old  and up to 25 years old, if a full time student) in the amount of $5,000.

 For Premium information please click here

Monthly premium rates for you and your spouse are based on attained age and change as each moves to a higher age bracket.  The total monthly cost to insure all eligible dependent children for life insurance is $.95 per family.

Medical questions will not be required for coverage at or under the guaranteed issue amounts listed below:

               Age                      Employee                                 Spouse

            Under age 60            $50,000                                  $10,000

            60-69                        $20,000                                  $  5,000

            70 and over                $10,000                                 Not eligible

If you leave employment with the Town of Canton/Canton Public Schools, term life insurance is portable.  You can make payments directly to Boston Mutual for you, your spouse and dependent children’s life insurance coverage.  Open enrollment for optional term life insurance is May, effective July 1st , however it may not be offered every year.  Please see yearly open enrollment flyers for additional information.

Existing enrollees may apply to increase the amount of their voluntary optional term life insurance at any time throughout the year by completing the Boston Mutual evidence of insurability form.  

Voluntary Benefits – The Town of Canton offers enrollment in our voluntary program within 30 days of hire or within the open enrollment period scheduled for May and effective July 1st of every year. Please contact Jim Flynn at Lifeplus 781-837-9222 to enroll on any of the benefits listed below:

Short Term Disability Insurance 

                        *Covers both sickness and accident
                        *Covers up to 60% of your monthly earnings
                        *Benefits payable for up to 5 years
                        *Maternity covered the same as any illness
Short Term Disability

Long Term Disability Insurance

                        *Covers both sickness and accident
                        *Covers up to 60% of your monthly earnings
                        *Benefits payable after 6 months
                        *Maternity covered same as any illness

Long Term Disability

            Cancer Insurance
*Helps pay for both the medical and non-medical costs associated with cancer treatments

                        *Individual and family coverage available
                        *Preventative Care benefits included
                        *Benefits paid directly to the insured
                        *Pays benefits in addition to any other insurance plan

                        *CANCER INS BROCHURE
Cancer Expense Plan

Whole Life Insurance

                        *Coverage for employees, spouses and children
                        *Minimum policy amount can be purchased for $3.00 a week
                        *Coverage is portable – if employment is terminated, pay by direct
                           home bill at same cost.

                        *Permanent Life Insurance




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