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Thanks to everyone who has worked to support this important community project.

August Construction Report

August 2nd- The warm days of August are now upon us and workers at the library are taking advantage of the dry weather. The trenches for the footings are moving along and soon forms will be made to create the new foundation for the expansion. The ledge removal continues and appears to be in the final stages. Final stages of demolition are due to begin any day now and we will say good-bye to the rear portion of the building.

August 9th- Today was the most amazing day on the construction site. At 7:00 am workers began dismantling the entire rear portion of the building to make way for the new addition. The early morning sun cut shafts of light through the building as the Canton Fire Department dutifully sprayed the wreckage with water to keep the dust down. It was perhaps the most tangible evidence that indeed we are going to have a new library. While demolition proceeded, several workers began building the forms for what will become the footings of the new building. The interior of the basement is being prepared for the new utilities and the foundation is being opened in the front of the historic building. Trustees Chelmow, Comeau, and Cogliano were on hand to watch the demolition. Watching is always an easy task!!

August 16th- Hot, Hot, Hot & Dusty. Words that describe the building site. Just about all of the demolished building has been removed and work now proceeds by hand on the remaining portion of demolition. Workers are saw cutting the interior floors to make way for new water and sewer services. Most importantly, a state-of-the-art fire alarm and sprinkler system is being installed and the water service is being brought into the building. Work continues on the concrete forms for the new foundation walls.


Watch a short video
that shows the demolition

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The top left photo interior shows early demolition that will make way for the new children's room. The top right the photo shows the original stacks from 1902 demolished and the rear interior of the building. All of the spaces will soon be gone.

Architect, Ed Bourget discussing the demolition plane with Ed Condon, site manager for BBC Company. BBC is the general contractor for the construction project.

One last look at the original spiral staircase.

Architect, Ed Bourget inspects samples of bricks that will be used as veneer on the new building addition. The bricks may be laid on the new addition as early as December '02.


Heavy equipment removes what is left of the side hill.
The second photo (right) shows the excavation for the foundation footings filled with stone.

A welder cuts away a steel beam from the building in preparation for demolition.


The walls begin to tumble as the wrecking crews remove the rear portion of the building.




The addition that was added in 1962 comprises the majority of the demolition. The photos above show the rear portion and the third floor exposed as the exterior walls are pulled down. The bottom right photo shows the extent of the original 1902 building with the interior exposed.


While demolition proceeds, workers study the foundation plans in preparation for the
construction of the footings for the new addition. The second photo (right) shows the trench and the wooden forms and rebar that will begin to support the concrete building columns.


With some of the footings in place, foundation walls are beginning to be created. The first photo (left) shows the entrance to what will become the new Children's Room. The photo on the right shows the foundation wall forms awaiting concrete.


On one side of the wall is the interior lobby, on the other side of the wall
is the remaining demolition of the original stacks. Watch that first is a doosey!!

As Arthur the Aardvark looks over the rubble, workers will clear the old Children's Room away and make space for new offices and spaces.


This remote controlled excavator allows workers to get into spaces that are small and tight. Here workers are beginning to trench the interior floor for new water, sewer and power services and utilities. The photo on the right shows the old Children's Room floor open and excavated.


The basement hallway has been extensively trenched to allow for new utilities.
Note the stairs at the end of the hallway on the left hand side of photo.
Trustee George Comeau, Chairman of the Building Committe is shown standing in the basement trench.


Interior spaces have been shored up to keep the building secure and structurally sound. The photo on the left shows the downstairs meeting room.
The floor and subfloor supports have been removed as part of asbestos abatement.
The photo on the right shows the Reference Room. Director, Mark Lague's
office and the Staff Office have been demolished behind the wooden wall.


Workmen begin hand dismanlting the last wall from the 1902 construction. Trustee Betty Chelmow, Library Director Mark Lague and Trustee Al Cronin actively supervise the goings-on. Note the red-white & blue hard hats!!



Footings, foundation and rebar all will become part of the new addition.
The lower right photo shows the corner of the new children's room.

Within the next few weeks the entire existing building will be cleaned. Above, a sample of the building has been washed to eliminate 100 years of dirt, pollution and grime. The limestone corner on the right hand side is the cleaned portion. Using gentle solvents the original lustre of the brick and limestone will soon be apparent.
(Click on the image to enlarge)

The rear of the building from the edge of the new addition.
All of the area in the foreground will become new spaces.

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