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Thanks to everyone who has worked to support this important community project.

December Construction Report


December- This is a very short web report, yet on the work site, major progress moves forward. The building has been wrapped and is being heated 24/7 to allow the masons an an opportunity to complete the brick work. The windows and doors are being installed and work has begun on framing the interior. The roof continues as long as the weather cooperates.

December 13th- Almost all of the concrete has been poured and now the steel beams are in the process of being fireproofed. The Elevator is beginning to take shape. Plumbing, electrical work and ventilation are all working in close coordination to build the nerves of our new library.


These two views show the third floor stacks and study areas.
The view from the windows is superb and offers a commanding look over the rear of the property.

A sample view from the third floor.

Overlooking the new Reference Room from the Director's Office on the Third Floor.


Superb new double glazed and thermal insulated windows are being installed.
Only two windows remained from the original building.

The elevator is being blocked in and is shown
here outside the new Children's Room.

The old Children's Room is now going to be a Staff Room.
The carpenters have begun to install the steel studs for the walls.

The building is wrapped and the area between the wrap and the
exterior building is being heated to allow the masons
optimal conditions to brick the building. When this wrap
is removed in the Spring, a new building will emerge from hibernation.

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