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Thanks to everyone who has worked to support this important community project.

The Magic of Glass;
A Timeless Gift to the People of Canton

On a warm Sunday afternoon a generous Canton family looked at the interior of the dome of the Canton Public Library. After one hundred years, the glass had cracked in several places. The lead frames has shrunk and the hallmark of the library was in desperate need of repair. Within minutes the family decided that their gift to the Town of Canton would be to fully fund the restoration of our historic glass dome.

The project costs more than $38,000 and with this major gift we will be able to restore this dome for the generations to come. At the request of the donor, we have pledged to keep their names anonymous, but their gift will be a lasting tribute to their community .

Pictured here are photos of the project for us all to share.


The original leaded glass dome prior to removal. And just after the sections were removed.


The twenty glass panels have been removed to the
Lyn Hovey Studio in South Boston.

Lyn Hovey is an internationally known artist who specializes in stained glass and glass restoration.
We have put this project in the hands of a master artisan.


Each section is painstakingly dissasembled on
paper patterns drawn from the original glass sections.
In places where the original glass had been replaced
(perhaps during a prevous repair) the craftsmen at Lyn Hovey
will place closely matched pieces.


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