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Thanks to everyone who has worked to support this important community project.

January Construction Report

January- A very cold month thus far, but work has continued at the library. The workers have begun placing the next phase of the copper roof on the new addition. The block walls have been just about complete, and work has begun on the brick exterior. Rough plumbing and electrical work continues. In the interior portions of the first level, carpenters have begun framing in the new spaces where the original children's room once stood.

Meanwhile, material selection for carpeting, paint and furnishings is ongoing as the interior design committee has met quite frequently. Also, design on the new interior signage has begin and should be completed by early Spring.


Betty Chelmow (in the red coat) looks across the new addition.


Workers have begun to install the steel studs that will frame the new interiors.

Overhead are the skylights. This view shows the New Main Entrance,
the gallery and the large windows that frame the space.


The stairway that will lead to the first level where the
Children's Room and Community Room are located.


The famous "4 Pipe" HVAC System. This system will allow the choice of
zoned heating or cooling regardless of the time of year or outside temperatures.

"Spaghetti City", the data & phone closet begins to be wired.

The first level is well on the way towards framing.

Trustees; Betty Chelmow, Liz Parker and Marcia Connors
are shown here in front of the new Children's Room Office.
Trustees have overseen this project from the beginning and are on
site weekly as part of their commitment to the town of Canton.

The Recieving Room and the Staff Break Room.
This area was the original Children's Room.


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