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Thanks to everyone who has worked to support this important community project.

July Construction Report


Late June and early July- The contractors began by mobilizing their trailers and setting up the location. Steel fences ring the project and haybales with siltation fence ring the wetland.

The site clearing is the most visible sign of progress, but changes are underway inside as well. The plumbing and electricity have been cut and interior demolition is underway. Most of the bookcases that were not moved are destined for demolition. The interior dome has been removed and will be restored off-site.

July 8th- A site visit today shows rapid progress on the interior demolition. Most of the ceilings have been removed and interior walls have begun to be demolished. The glass floors have been removed and the original book stacks are being removed. Two historic cast iron bookshelves have been salvaged and will be used in the interior of the new library.

July 18th- Interior demolition has progressed aggressively. Asbestos abatement has begun and is proceeding from the rear portions of the building towards the front. It is only a matter of a few short weeks before the rear portion of the building will begin to "drop". Exterior excavation and blasting continues in preparation for foundation work. Portions of the roof have begun to be removed for copper salvage and the interior is temporarily protected by plastic sheeting. The construction project is 5.71% completed.

July 25th- As the first month of construction draws to a close the weather remains extremely cooperative. The asbestos abatement is complete and the last phases of interior demolition are now underway. Windows and casements are just about completely removed. Site work continues to move forward as excavation for the foundation becomes a priority. The work in Washington Street is focussed on bringing new water and sewer services into the building. It will not be long before demolition of the rear portion of the building will be evident.


Construction work begins in earnest as the side slope is excavated in preparation for blasting.


The entire rear portion of the building is scheduled for demolition. Before the demolition can begin, extensive blasting of this hill must be complete.
The first view shows the hill cleared of vegetation and topsoil.
The first photo was taken on groundbreaking day, June 23, 2002.
The next photo allows you to get an idea of what a difference a few weeks makes.
The second photo was taken on July 19, 2002 from the same spot.
The final bottom photo shows the building with the windows removed and excavation at an advanced stage (note the blasting mats on the top of the hill.)
The final photo was taken on July 25, 2002

The building as seen from the rear of the property line.

The exterior portions of the building with windows removed. Large sections of these parts of the building will soon be demolished.

Work begins on Washington Street to install a new water and sewer line into the library. The new water line is shown entering the property under the sidewalk.


This view of the rear of the library property shows the extent of the clearing and grubbing operations. There are two acres of land owned by the library and will be developed as part of this project.


The Interior progress is quite visible.



The West Reading room has been emptied of all fixed bookshelves
and is awaiting historic restoration. Notice the wood floor has been exposed in the last photo. Windows have been removed and asbestos floor have been abated.


The "stacks" have been removed and soon this section will be demolished
to make way for the Gallery and new reference room. Note that the glass floors have been removed and the original bookcases have begun to be disassembled.


Soon to be demolished will be the Art / Music Room.


Extensive demolition has begun on the interior spaces. These photos show the ceiling tile removed and interior walls being demolished. The center bottom photos shows the walls into the children's room being demolished.

The Reference Room on July 25, 2002

In order to restore the interior dome, the leaded glass "lay lights" were removed to a glass studio and will be completely restored and refinished. The interior sections have been removed prior to site blasting to insure the safety of the 100 year-old dome.
This photo shows the dome with the interior sections removed.
A glass box protects the interior from the elements.

The "nerve center" of the project is this modern well-equipped trailer where the
Town of Canton's Clerk of the Works manages the oversight of the project.


Wetland monitoring is a crucial part of this project. Here, Larry Green from Ross Associates is talking with Librarian Mark Lague about the wetlands replication plans. Ross Associates oversees the construction and implementation of a new state-of-the-art
wetland that will grace the new library building site.

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