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Thanks to everyone who has worked to support this important community project.

March Construction Report


March- Soon the weather will break and the building site will be swarming with activity. The long winter has not been a nap for our top notch construction team from BBC. The roof is nearing completion as is the masonry and precast concrete walls. Despite daunting conditions the building has impressively risen under the cloak of tarps and snow. The ground floor, where the new Children's Room and Community Room is located, is built-out to amazing proportions.




There can be no doubt that our new library will be one of the finest structures of its kind. As the winter tarps have been removed, we now see revealed the majesty and respect of the additional wing to our historic community building. On a scale that befits the original building the addition is a sensitive fullfilment of the Trustees promise to the Town of Canton.

A view of the new Reference Room from the top of the grand staircase.

The windows are more than 12 feet high in the new Reference Room.


The Children's Room Office and desk area begins to shape (left).
The Copeland Activity & Craft Center is starting to be framed in by metal stud
walls and door frames (right).

From the front of the new Community Room we can see the ceiling and entrance begin to be framed and insulated. This will become host to many Canton clubs and organizations.

The Central Staircase leading down into the lower Reception Foyer
and to the new Community Room and Children's Room.

Trustees and Gala Committee Members recently toured the building site.

A glimmer of copper hints at the new wing as the rooflines become established.
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