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Thanks to everyone who has worked to support this important community project.

May Construction Report


May- The project stands at close to 78% completion. It is estimated to be fairly complete within the next 6-8 weeks. Simply amazing!!! We are in awe of the progress and the enormity of the completed tasks. That said, there is a long way to go before the new library is ready for the public.

The lower floor is fairly complete, and work continues on the installtion of the fixtures and electrical systems. The painters have begun work on the children's room. The drywall and plaster has advanced in the new Reference Room and workers have begun to turn their sights towards the historic reading rooms. The third floor framing has begun and sheetrock will not be far behind.

On the exterior, landscaping and sidewalks have begun to be installed. Additional work on the roof nears completion and the collonade is just about complete. And now onto the photos...


The Copland Family Activity Center

Betty Chelmow and Amy Montague, Director of
MassAudubon Visual Arts Center on a recent tour.

The collonade sweeps gently across the new entrance.


The new Browsing Gallery, bathed in natural light, looking towards the central staircase.

Yup, it's a bathroom.

The dual fired burners are capable of using gas or oil to heat the building.

The view from the landing of the Great Staircase on a
rainy windswept Spring afternoon.

A view of the new Reference Room as it nears completion.

Two reading nooks overlooking the rear of the building.


One of the historic reading rooms as it begins painstaking restoration.

Stairs leading into the lower gallery outside the Community Room.

The Canton Art Association on a recent building tour.

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