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Thanks to everyone who has worked to support this important community project.

November Construction Report

November- As the steel is almost complete, watch for the interior floors to be poured early this month. The masons will be closing in the sides of the building with brick and concrete block. Meanwhile on the original building, workers are beginning to install interior ductwork and electrical conduit. Sporting a new copper roof, work will continue tying in the old building with the new addition.

November 2- The wetland plants are in the ground and show signs of settling in nicely. Anyone driving by the building will notice the shiny new copper roof on the main building. The interior floors are being prepared for new concrete. And the new parking lot is taking shape around the back of the addition.

November 9th- The Topping-off Ceremony was attended by more than 100 Canton Residents. As work proceeds on the new copper roof, the first floor has been poured and preparations are underway to pour concrete on the second floor. Watch for the windows to begin arriving and a new parking lot within the next few weeks.

November 23rd- People driving by will notice several large trailers on the worksite. The largest trailer contains all the new windows that are about to be placed in the new building. In fact, there are only two main windows that remain from the original building. Two of the three floors have been poured and the remaining floor will be poured later next week. The parkinkg lot is progressing along and weather permitting we will pave the base coat right after Thanksgiving. The roof is starting to be built over the new wing. Watch for more copper over the new roof sections.

November 30th- As long as the weather holds calm, work moves forward rapidly. In fact, yesterday workers placed the first coat of the asphalt on the new parking lot. Meanwhile, inside, workers began framing in the casements for the new windows. Roof work has slowed due to the snow earlier this week. Amazingly, the basement level concrete was poured on Thanksgiving Eve. At 10:00 pm the workers were still monitoring the cement as it began to set. Reports indicate that a crew was on-hand at 2:30 am Thanksgiving morning. Let's all give a great deal of our "thanks" to a dedicated group of builders.

A new copper roof that would make Paul Revere proud.


Pictures from inside the new addition.
Top Photos: On the left a view of the new gallery space with the elevator shaft open to below.
Photo on the left shows the ew stacks and the Young Adults space.
The bottom photo shows the new elevator shaft.

The last beam is lowered into place as the
new addition joins the original library building.

Looking "up" from the interior of the new Reference Room.



The new windows have arrived on site.

A worker solders connection pieces for the new concrete block walls.


This is a view of the new Children's Room.
The floor has not been poured yet. Note the vast network of power and
data that has been laid across the under-structure.
The photo on the right shows a close-up of a data floor box.

Each day brings us closer to the enclosed structure.



Workers busy creating a new parking lot for the addition.
This is the base course.A new top course will be placed in the late Spring.


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