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Thanks to everyone who has worked to support this important community project.

October Construction Report

October- In the month of October watch as a new roof is put on the historic library. The steel will continue to rise and the entire building will be washed clean. More progress will be made on the new parking lot and we will begin to see the full outline of the addition grow before our eyes. All this and more at the CPL Building Site.

October 4- The erection of the steel has been progressing steadily as we have been able to take advantage of fairly stable weather and temperatures. The exterior of the building has been cleaned and people should notice that many of the stains caused by years of dirt and grime have been removed. The concrete footings and foundation has been completed to 98% and should be finished within the next week. Inside, work continues on water and electricity deep under the building.

October 12- A new concrete subfloor has been poured in the basement over the utility pipes and conduits. As the steel continues to rise, the masons are beginning to close the building with concrete blocks. A new retaining wall is beginning to take shape along the edge of the new parking lot. And throughout the site all signs point towards winter preparation. Samples of the new copper roof are soon to be approved and with that a very major roofing project will be underway before the snow flies. In a single word, this has been another "wow" week!!

October 18- Almost two-thirds of the steel is now in place and we eagerly await the last sections to be placed within the structure. The massive retaining wall is just about complete and work will now begin on the new parking lot to the rear of the new wing. Several truck loads of a specially mixed soil are being placed on the rear portions of the property to become part of the new "wetland" design. The masons are busy at creating the block walls that will close the building in and ultimately will prepare for the brick exterior. Watch for roof work to begin as we replace the 100 year old copper roof with a new shiny copper roof.

October 25- The main roof has been stripped of it's copper and the new roof is beginning to be installed. The wetlands at the rear of the property are being created and hundreds of plants will be installed within days. Work continues on the block walls and the interior floors are being prepped for a concrete pour later next week. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, furniture selection has begun, as a yet another tangible sign of impressive progress.



The steel framework of the new reference room rises three stories above the ground.
The photo on the left shows the staging being erected for the masons who will begin to brick the building.


Workers from the Zichelle Corporation of Leominster, MA are hard
at work rigging and installing the many tons of steel beams and
girders that will support the new addition.


A view from the old meeting room on the lower
level through to the new Children's Room.


The sweeping curves of the new Main Entrance begin to take
shape along the side of the building. The wall in the foreground will
become the accessible entrance to the colonnaded portico.

This is a view from the interior of the new children's room.
The kids would have a blast with all of the construction equipment,
but alas, no children are allowed to play here yet.

A view of the interior of the new Community Room that will be capable of
holding meetings and events of up to 140 people.

The old children's room floor has been removed and deep excavations now
hold water pipes, electricity and data to service the new addition.
This view is looking through the space and into the new Community Room beyond.

Photographer, Chris Comeau poses for a picture as the
first Canton resident to step foot in the new Reference Room.
Looking for a reference book on photography???

A new subfloor begins to take shape over the
deep utility trenches in the basement level.


Looking from the old reference room we see through the building into the new stacks
and beyond toward the new Reference Room (the large room in the photo on the right side)
Steel decking is being installed in preparation for the new concrete floor.
In the photo on the right, there will be a computer training classroom in the center of the photo.

The exterior door frames have arrived and
will be installed within the next few weeks.

Do not mess with the "Staff" in charge of the steel work.

There is a sophisticated water system on-site designed to take rainwater and surface water
and redirect it to a new wetland created on the rear portion of the property.
Note the black pipe that rings the foundation that will be linked
up to gutters and parking lot drainage running into the base of
the drainage manhole in the foreground.

The 100 year-old copper roof has been removed.
A new shiny copper roof will be installed over the next few weeks.

Trustee Al Cronin (green hardhat) takes a close-up look at the new roof.

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