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Thanks to everyone who has worked to support this important community project.

September Construction Report


September 7th - Summer has ended and the workers at the Canton Library have been making hay. Enormous amounts of work have been done in the past several weeks. The preparation for the steel is in full swing. The steel beams are expected to arrive from Canada within the next week. In order to construct the spine of the building, the cement foundation will need to cure and strengthen. This is now a game of time and experience as the cold weather will soon be upon us. Inside the building, trenching and utility installation continues.

September 14th - We are eagerly awaiting the steel to arrive from Canada. It is expected that by the end of the month significant progress will have been made towards creating the "spine" of the building. Work continues on the foundation and shoring up the original building. A floor consultant is evaluating whether we will be able to preserve the original oak floor of the West Reading Room. Work continues on the utilities and site drainage.

September 28th - As September ends we find ourselves in a very different place than we were at the beginning of Summer. The foundation is close to 95% completed, the steel is beginning to take shape, the site work continues in earnest and work has begun on the cleaning of the original facade. The exterior utility work is well underway and the interior work is about to begin. We began this project close to the first day of Summer,and now as Fall begins the pace continues in a dizzying fashion. The sound of steel, the roar of diesel and the faces of accomplishment are everywhere on the site. Truly an amazing month.



The new main entrance will be marked by a curved entry colonnade.
Here, workers are creating the forms for the walls of the new entrance.


The curved wall is over 16 feet high and will provide a massive support for the new entry. Looking like Canton's "Big Dig" the
new supporting wall for Main Entrance will have many tons of concrete poured as it's base.


The demolition reveals the heavy brick infill of a wall constructed in 1902.
The interior staircase has been removed.
This is the view from the outside of the building where the staircase once stood.
The interior dome is undergoing restoration off-site.

Watch that first is a doosey!!!

A big yellow excavator sits in the middle of the new Children's Room. Talk about show-and-tell.
In the foreground the concrete forms make up the new entrance for the Children's Room.


The lower Meeting Room has been trenched for new utilities service to the new wing.
A view from the opening (right) shows the extent of construction for the new meeting room and the children's room.

The foundation is nearly complete and backfilled along the new children's room wing.

Note the temporary bracing in the center of the building that is supporting the roof beams.
The new wing will be attached to the historic building at center of the opening.
This is to become the view of the new Main Entrance to the rebuilt library.

Town Building Committeeman Chuck Armando and Trustee Betty Chelmow assessing the
sample refinished floor in the West Reading Room. After many years hidden beneath carpet,
the original floor from 1902 has been discovered and may be restored as part of this project.


The steel has arrived from Canada and within moments of arrival crews began to
assemble the frame of the new building. Shown above is the new Children's Room and the
Second Floor Reference Room. This is an amazing site and moves very quickly as the roof
trusses take the shape of our historic building. More to follow...


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