Close                                                                 Public Notice 

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, municipal offices will be closed on Thursday,

November 27, 2014 and Friday, November 28, 2014.

Offices will be open for business on Monday, December 1, 2014.


The Yard Waste Recycling Center will be closing on Saturday November 29,2014.  It will reopen for the collection of undecorated Christmas trees and wreaths for the first two weeks in January.

Starting Monday January 5, 2015 through Friday January 16,2015. The facility will reopen for the season on Wednesday April 1, 2015

University Ave / Dedham Street Roadwork Information

Shepard Pond Dam Work
Phase 1 will begin the week of August 25 and will consist of test boring to determine grouting needs.  As boring holes are completed they will then be filled with Structural Grout to strength the dam core.   Phase 2 will begin at end of October, it will consist of completing spillway, low level outlet, training walls, stilling basin, and Fly Park restoration.  This work may stop for the winter.  All work is to be completed by Summer 2015.

Last Modified 11/25/2014