Board of Health FAQ's

Board of Health Frequently Asked Questions.


Do I need a permit to sell/serve food to the public?

Yes. Permits are required anytime that food is sold or served to the public. This includes candy, pre-packaged items, and anything that can be consumed.  Applications are available online, please visit the Board of Health website. Non-profit organizations are exempt from the fee.

Do I need a permit for a bake sale? 

No. Baked goods are exempt from the food regulations and do not need to be licensed, however, bake sales must be approved by the Board of Health.

 Do I need a permit to keep chickens on my property?

Yes, there is an Animal Regulation in Canton. Chickens, ducks, goats, horses, etc. are allowed with a permit and the fee is $25  The regulation can be found on the website and some requirements must be met to obtain a permit. Please contact the Board of Health office at 781 821 5021 with questions.

How do I request mosquito control?

The Norfolk County Mosquito Control Project conducts mosquito control operations. Spraying is conducted on a request-only basis, please sign up on their website: or call (781) 762-3681.

How do I dispose of used needles, lancets, and syringes?

Canton residents may bring their Sharps (needles, lancets, and syringes) to the Board of Health office located at 79 Pleasant Street.

This program is not for businesses, only residents.

Sharps must be placed in an approved container for proper disposal, with no loose needles or large containers. The total fee to dispose of a filled sharp container is $10. Approved sharps containers cost $5 and are available at the Board of Health Office. Cash is not accepted at the Board of Health office. Checks only. If you have any questions please call the Board of Health office at 781 821 5021

How do I dispose of old medications?

Do not flush them down the toilet. They can be brought to the CVS Department at 95 Washington Street and disposed of in the Medication Disposal Box, inside the store. it is recommended that you call CVS beforehand. They can be reached at 781 828 5125   

How do I dispose of mercury products?

Mercury products such as thermometers and thermostats can be brought to the Health Dept. during business hours, call 781-821-5021 for more information. Button batteries no longer contain mercury and can be thrown away. Florescent light bulbs are only collected during Hazardous Waste Day by the DPW dept. 

 How do I contact the Public Health Nurse?

The Public Health nurse is Margaret (Meg) Goldstein, R.N - BC BSN ., her phone number is  (781) 821 2942

How do I schedule a Perc Test or a Bottom-of-the-hole inspection?

These can be scheduled by contacting Tim Marble at 617 827 8360

 How do I schedule a Housing Inspection?

These can be scheduled by contacting the Board of Health office at 781 821 5021

Do I have to inspect my Septic System before selling my home?

Yes. Title V requires that septic systems be inspected before the sale of the home. The inspection report must be submitted to the Board of Health office for review and approval.

What do I do with my cesspool/septic system when I connect to sewer?

All cesspools/septic systems must be properly filled in (abandoned) per Title V. 

Can I have a private well on my property?

As irrigation wells and private wells inherently draw down groundwater levels, the Canton Board of Health shall no longer issue permits for, nor allow the construction and/or use of private water wells. An exception for drinking water wells only may be made in instances where a dwelling or business is located in an area where public water is inaccessible or unavailable. Please contact the Board of Health office if you have any other questions regarding private wells at 781 821 5021 

How do I join the Medical Reserve Corps?

Interested individuals need to complete an application for membership and a criminal background check. Please visit or contact the Board of Health office for more information, at 781 821-  5021