The Accounting Department is a division of the Finance Department for the Town of Canton. The Office of Accounting is headed by a Town Accountant. The Accounting Office is responsible for the following general duties:

  • Examination of all books and accounts of those Town agencies charged with the responsibility of the custody or authority to expend Town funds
  • Preparation and processing vendor and payroll warrants.
  • Responsible for payroll administration

Additional Duties

The Office of Accounting is also responsible for the internal auditing function to assure proper record keeping. The 1990 Annual Town Meeting by-law requires the Office of Accounting to act as the Office of Audit. For the purposes of this requirement, the office has access to all Town: 

  • Accounts
  • Bills
  • Books 
  • Vouchers
  • All other records of financial transactions that are required for the performance of this auditing function

Town Accountant

The Town Accountant, except as otherwise provided for in the Department of Finance by-law, has all the powers, duties and responsibilities that are given to Town Accountants by Massachusetts General Law (MGL).

Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports