Animal Control Bulletin Board

Important Reminder About Dog Waste

We know most residents pick up after their dogs. Thank you to those of you who do! Unfortunately, we have recently had complaints about people who do not pick up or bag it and leave the bag of waste behind. Please be courteous and dispose of dog waste appropriately when you walk your dog.

Leash Law

Heading out to take your dog for a walk? Don’t forget the leash! Canton has a leash law. It helps keep everyone safe. Unleashed dogs may get lost, run into traffic, eat something they shouldn’t, chase and injure or be injured by wildlife, harass people or approach other dogs who are leashed. The list goes on. Remember, just because your dog likes other dogs doesn’t mean every dog out there wants to be his friend. Your dog may love people, but not all people love dogs. These situations can be quite stressful. Please help keep everyone safe and happy by complying with the leash law.

Reflective House Address Numbers

Many times when we are called out at night it is difficult to locate an address because there are no street numbers on the house. The well being of your family could depend on public safety personnel being able to locate your home quickly. It would be best if the numbers were reflective and attached as near as possible to the street (mailbox, fence, tree). They are inexpensive and easily applied.

Pets Provide Companionship

Having a pet is a wonderful antidote for loneliness. Pets offer unconditional love. Studies show that pets can aid relaxation, lower blood pressure, promote health, ease anxiety and stress and prolong life. Another benefit of pet ownership is that pets need you and never outgrow their need for you. If you live alone, pets offer the opportunity to give your attention and care to something other than yourself. There is medical evidence that proves the healing power of pets.

Dog Licenses

Dog licenses are issued by the Town Clerk at the Town Hall. To obtain a license, proof of up to date rabies vaccination must be shown. License fees are $15 for dogs that have been spayed/neutered, $20 for dogs that have not been spayed/neutered. All dogs 6 months or older are required to be licensed. Dog licenses expire on April 1st and licenses are available for renewal on January 1st each year.  For more information please contact the Town Clerk’s office at (781)821-5013.

Important Note

The Town of Canton imposes a $50 fee for dog licenses that are not renewed by May 30th. Please license your dog in a timely manner to avoid this extra fee. If you have any questions you can call our office at 781-575-6507 or the Town Clerk’s office at 781-821-5013.