Board of Health Regulations, Licenses & Fees

6.1 Fees-Permits, Licenses, & Services

Section 1: The following permits and licenses are issued by the Board of Health and shall be renewed each year, unless otherwise noted. The listed fees for said permits and licenses shall accompany the application for each permit and license. Services provided by the Board of Health are also noted and payment is clue prior to or at the time of service.

Those businesses that fail to renew an annual permit by their expiration date will be required to pay a 50% increase of the original fee.

Food Permits, Licenses, & Services

Type of ServiceCost of Permit, License, Fee
Bottled Water - State12.50
Bottled Water - Town12.50
Catering - Out of Town Caterer10 (Per function per location [100 cap per location per year])
Food Service 0 to 50 seats60
Food Service 51 to 100 seats100
Food Service 100 or more seats150
Frozen Dessert Machine50 (Retail)
Function Kitchen50
Manufacturing of Frozen Desserts/ Ice Cream200
Milk and Cream - Store5
Milk and Cream - Vehicle5 (Renewable every 5 years)
Mobile Food60
Pasteurization of Milk10
Plan Review50
Retail Food 1st 1,000 square feet50
Each Additional square foot10
Slush Machine10
Temporary Food Event25

Note: The following are businesses that require related permits are covered by the highest fee category; multiple permit fees are not required:

  • Bakery
  • Catering in Town
  • Food Service
  • Retail Food

General Permits, Licenses, & Services

Type of PermitCost of Permit, License, Fee
Disposal Works Construction100
Disposal Works Installer50
Funeral Director50 (Per establishment and Expire April 30)
Haul Offal or Garbage100 Per truck
Percolation Test Witnessing and Deep Hole Observations / Groundwater Determinations / Remove / Fill50 Per hour
Septic System100
Riding Stable50
Sell Tobacco Products20

Miscellaneous Permits, Licenses, & Services

Type of PermitCost of Permit, License, Fee
Day Camp for Children50 (Full facility sites only)
Ear Piercing Establishments50
Ear Piercing Technician25
Health Club50
Ice Rink Permit10
Massage Establishment500 Initial
100 Renewal
Massage Therapist50 Initial
25 Renewal
Plan Review Pool / Spa50
Special Purpose Pool50
Swimming Pool50 (Includes Wading Pool, if both)
Tanning Facility50 + 10 Per booth

Other Permits, Licenses, & Fees

Type of PermitCost of Permit, License, Fee
Hazardous Material Registration50 Expire January 31
Housing Inspection75 (Voucher Program / includes Certificate of Fitness and 1 Recheck)
Housing Re-inspection25 (Per Additional Recheck)
Recombinant DNA500
Sandblasting License50
Sandblasting Permit25 Per site
Well Construction Permit50 New wells
Well Registration10 Existing