Training / Safety

The Canton Fire Department training division promotes safety awareness and firefighting best practices to the members of the department. The training captain organizes training sessions based on current safety standards, best practices literature and department needs. Training records are kept up to date for all members. The training division provides personal protective equipment to and maintains that equipment for the firefighters.

Recent Training

Advanced Pump Training

Fire Department Systems Support brought down their pump training simulator for pump training drills. This machine can simulate changes in pressure and water flow to mimic possible problems encountered on the fire ground. Exercises include bust hose lines, loss of intake pressure, sudden changes in water flow and cavitation. This is a one on one training drill for each member.

Ice Water Rescue

Recently members of the canton fire department conducted a training exercise simulating a person who fell through the ice. The piece of equipment they are using in the pictures below is called a banana boat. The banana boats act as a large floatation device for the firefighters if they fall through the ice but also have room in the middle where a victim can be placed.

Simulation Structure Fire

Members of the Canton Fire Department were able to do some training at an actual house recently. Firefighters were able to do a number of different training scenarios including:

  • Dragging a charged hose line into the house
  • Forceful entry and ventilation techniques like cutting holes in the roof and breaking windows
  • Search and rescue

Check out the Town of Canton Fire Department training photos.