Finance Department

The Department of Finance is responsible for the management of the fiscal affairs of the town and for the supervision and coordination of all activities of all government agencies in relation to any financial matters except for those matters which are authorized to be under the administration of the School Committee.


The following outlines some of the areas of responsibility for the Department of Municipal Finance:

  • Administering of all health insurance programs
  • Coordination of all the financial services and activities of the town government
  • Maintaining close communication with all town officials, including the School Department, regarding intergovernmental matters affecting the financial affairs of the town
  • Maintenance of all accounting records and other financial statements for all town governmental offices and agencies
  • Monitoring of all expenditures by town officers and or agencies
  • Payments of all financial obligations on behalf of the town
  • Receipt of all funds due the town from any source
  • Rendering of advice, assistance and guidance to all other town agencies and officers related to fiscal or financial affairs
  • Supervision of all data processing functions, activities, and equipment
  • Supervision of the purchasing of all goods, supplies and materials by town agencies including a central purchasing system and an inventory control system

Enterprise Funds

General Funds