Veterans Services

The Veterans Services Department provides information, assistance and referral services to veterans and their dependents, assessing clients' eligibility for benefits, processing applications and preparing reports as required by the town and state.


  • Implements the provisions of MGL Chapter 115, administering benefits, assisting veterans in preparing applications for assistance, interviews veterans and dependents and counsels them on appropriate services and agencies available to them
  • Investigates the financial, employment, medical and related conditions of veterans and their dependents to determine the extent of requested assistance
  • Makes determinations on the amount of aid to be allowed in each case, based on eligibility standards and budget standards
  • Performs outreach and marketing duties to inform veterans and their spouses of the benefits available to them
  • Provides:
    • Alcohol,
    • Drug Rehabilitation Services
    • Housing
    • Information and Assistance Benefits
    • Job Search
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