Conservation Commission


  • Joshua Cohen, Chairman (2024)
  • Kevin Colmey, Vice Chair (2026)
  • Robert MacDonald, Treasurer (2024)
  • Paul Degnan, Clerk (2026)             
  • Melissa Mayer (2025)
  • Gerald Carmichael (2025)
  • Thomas R. Birmingham (2024)
Seven member board; terms are for 3 years and are appointed by the Select Board.
To reach the chair, please send an Email.  

 The Conservation Commission is responsible for implementation and enforcement of the Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act, Canton Wetlands Bylaw and Regulations, and the Canton 
Stormwater Management Bylaw and Regulations. The Commission is responsible for the acquisition and management of open space for the conservation of natural resources, and preservation of biological diversity and natural history. 

Please see the Conservation Commission Department page for more information.