Town Clerk

Nomination papers for the April 2nd, 2019 Annual Town Election are available in the Town Clerk's office from January 7th through February 8th, 2019.  The signatures of at least 50 Canton voters must be obtained.

The deadline to file completed nomination papers is February 12th, 2019.

Public Records Officer

  • Administers and records all oaths of office
  • Posts meetings of all governmental bodies
  • Provides access to public records
  • Maintains General By-Laws
  • Responsible for submission of new by-laws to the Office of the Attorney General for approval

Recording Officer

  • Records and certifies all official action of the town, including Town Meeting legislation and appropriations, Planning and Zoning Board decisions
  • Certifies notes for borrowing
  • Records state tax liens and child support enforcement liens
  • Records all pole locations approved by the Board of Selectmen

Vital Records

  • Registers all vital events (birth, death and marriages) occurring within the community and those events occurring elsewhere to Canton residents
  • Provides certified copies of vital records and assists with genealogical research

Voter registration & Chief Election Official

  • Conducts all town, state and federal elections and certifies nomination papers and initiative petitions
  • Assists voters interested in running for public office
  • Supervises voter registration and absentee balloting
  • Conducts annual census, annual street lists and assists the Jury Commissioner with the preparation with the Jury List

Election Results

Forms and Applications