Pequitside Farm

Pequitside Farm is 33 acres of open space located on Pleasant Street owned and managed  by the Canton Conservation Commission. The property is open to the public and contains walking trails, the Canton Conservation Community Gardens, a playground, and picnic areas.  Pequitside is in the Canton Corner Historical District listed on the National Park Service's National Register of Historic Places and is documented in the Massachusetts Cultural Resource Information System (MACRIS) of the Massachusetts Historical Commission. 

On May 18, 1885, the title of the property now known as Pequitside Farm passed to Charles N. Draper. It was during Charles Draper's ownership that Pequitside acquired its name. On June 15, 1971, the Town of Canton purchased Pequitside Farm from the Estate of Marjorie Draper. 

The main house, called the Edward J. Lynch, Jr. House, is home to Canton’s Conservation Department, Board of Health, and Community Preservation administrative offices.  Edward J. Lynch, Jr. was born in Canton and a lifelong resident of the town.  He was an active member of the Town of Canton serving on the Select Board, School Committee, Finance Committee, and the Conservation Commission. 

At the rear of the Lynch house is the “Tavern” room, where many community meetings are held. The Tavern was probably built in the 1870's. This structure was where the gardener kept his supplies at the time and was also the laundry. 

The Pequitside Farm Stock Barn, also known as the Draper Cow Barn, was built circa 1885 and was originally used as a cattle barn. The barn is in the Single Style and topped with a glazed cupola which still has the original weathervane stamped with the initials CND for Charles N. Draper.