Department of Elder and Human Services

The Department of Elder and Human Services, in partnership with the community, will provide the highest quality of services and programs available to meet the ongoing needs of Canton residents.

We will continue to operate the Senior Center as usual with wonderful programs for our Canton Seniors.


   You can reach us by calling 781 828 1323.

The Canton Department of Elder and Human Services is the only Public Human Services Agency in Canton providing a variety of social services to its residents

Our Mission

The Mission of The Department of Elder and Human Services assist in the well-being of Canton’s older population and residents of any age who are in need of social services due to economic hardship, health issues, family circumstances, or personal loss. We recognize the innate worth of every person in our community and strive to respect their dignity.

We seek to maintain and enhance the quality of life of our older citizens by providing opportunities for social interaction, physical activity, intellectual stimulation, community service, and health clinics.

We try to offer effective, quality services that respond to community needs, promote continuous improvement of staff skills and performance, encourage an environment of trust and honesty, and provide services that are accessible and equitable. 

You can get the most up-to date information from:


Department of EHS Website:
Canton Community Television: 
 Comcast Channel 8 or Verizon Channel 43 


Chair Janet Walrod
Vice Chair Elaine Gilmore
Secretary Ellen Donovan
Member Dr John Crowe
Member Jane Pratt
Member John Thoener
Member Rich Kulas