Department or Board
Select Board Dan Cole
Emilio Mauro
School Department Cindy Thomas  Rob Barker 
Assessors David Clough
Blue Hills Regional School David Clough

Board of Health Reuki Schutt
Building Department/Zoning Reuki Schutt
Building Renovation Comm Rob Barker
Capital Planning Comm Dan Cole
Emilio Mauro
Community Preservation Comm Cindy Thomas Emilio Mauro
Conservation Committee Cindy Thomas

Council on Aging

Department of Public Works Tim McKenna
Fire Department Wai Wong

Historical Commission Rob Barker
Human Resources

Library David Cough
Planning Board Emilio Mauro Dan Cole
Police Department Dan Cole & Wai Wong
Cindy Thomas
Parks & Recreation Department
Dan Cole
Town Clerk Dan Cole

Veterans Services Cindy Thomas 
Water & Sewer Advisory Commission Dan Cole