Residential & Smoke Detector Inspections

Residential Smoke & CO Detector Inspections

Please read and review code requirements to see that your detectors are on par with the codes before scheduling an inspection. Review some of the requirements for residential smoke and CO detectors. An extra $15 fee is added on every time a house fails the first inspection and must be inspected again.

Smoke Detector & CO Requirements

  • All combination detectors must have simulated voice and tone alarms that clearly distinguish between a smoke and CO emergency
  • All detectors must be less than 10 years old
  • All new battery-operated smoke detectors must have a 10 year sealed, non-rechargeable, non-replicable battery
  • If any level of the house is more than 1,200 square feet, there must be more than 1 smoke and 1 CO detector
  • The numbers for the street address must be on the building
  • Residential homes must have a CO detector and Smoke detector on every level of the home, including habitable areas of basements or attics
  • On levels with sleeping areas, a CO detector must be within 10 feet of every bedroom
    • Combination detectors are ok to us
  • You must have a CO detector in the basement even if it is not habitable and it must be placed directly at the bottom of the stairs

These are just a few of the smoke and CO detector requirements that are common reasons for failing inspections. Adhering to all of these codes does not necessarily mean your home will pass inspection.

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