Canton Community Preservation Committee (CCPC)

CCPC Updates:

June 12, 2023: Public Input Meeting - what changes need to be made to the Community Preservation Plan?

Update: March 2023 - State CPA Fund Distributions for Fiscal Year ’23 and Important Dates for Fiscal Year ’25 Project Applications


Established under M.G.L. c. 44B, the Community Preservation Act (CPA) allows Massachusetts cities and towns to raise funds through a surcharge on local real estate taxes.  These funds can be used to:

  • acquire, create and preserve open space;  
  • acquire, preserve, rehabilitate or restore historic resources;  
  • acquire, create, preserve and support community housing;  and 
  • acquire and preserve land for recreational use. 


In the General Election of 2012, Canton residents voted to adopt the CPA with
a 1% surcharge on all real estate property tax bills with two exemptions:

  1. residential property owned and occupied by any person who qualifies for low- income housing, or low- or moderate-income senior housing, and
  2. the first $100,000 of taxable value of all residential real property.
At the 2014 Annual Town Meeting, voters approved to extend the $100,000 tax exemption to commercial and industrial property owners.  

Is our Project Eligible?  Click here to view a summary of the MA Department of Revenue's Allowable Uses Chart. 


After adopting the Community Preservation Act, each community must develop a Community Preservation Plan to facilitate implementation of the Act, according to Section 5 (b)1 of CPA. The Community Preservation Committee must hold a public hearing and update the plan every year.  A newly revised plan, which includes the results of the community survey taken in April 2022 is coming soon.
Click the following link to read the 2019 plan (which the Committee has voted yearly to uphold):
Community Preservation Plan 2019

APPLYING FOR CPA FUNDING: CPA currently accepting pre-applications for FY25 funding (voted on at Town Meeting in May, 2024)

Applications for CPA funding are paused for fiscal year 2024. Pre-applications are open for fiscal year 2025 and there will be 2 years of funding available for projects. Please reach out with any questions: or call 339-502-5729.

Use the links below to access applications and other important documents.  For more information about CPA -- including a comprehensive database of CPA-funded projects throughout the Commonwealth -- please refer to the Community Preservation Coalitions website at:

Contact Us: by email or at 339-502-5729