Canton Community Preservation Committee (CCPC)


The Committee's recommendations to the Finance Committee for projects to be voted on at Town Meeting in May, 2024 have been voted on by the CCPC.

The Committee Chair will go before FinCom on 3/13 to discuss the recommendations.

Results of the vote from 1/8/24:

ProjectFunding RequestCommittee Funding Recommendation
Hemenway Window Replacements$180,000$140,908
Affordable Housing Trust Coordinator Stipend$40,000$40,000
Conservation Land Fund Contribution$50,000$0
Wardwell Master Plan$100,000$100,000
Wentworth Facility Master Plan$100,000$100,000
Paul Revere Heritage Site Pavilion$200,000$0
Library Park - Phase I$500,000$452,500
Gibson Field Lighting$550,000$502,500
JFK Elementary Playground$175,000$175,000
Williams Estate Playground$110,000$0
Pequitside Farm Playground$350,000$350,000


Housing Authority (Hemenway Windows)

Affordable Housing Trust (Coordinator Funding)

Conservation Commission: Conservation Land Fund Contribution and Wardwell Master Plan

Walk, Bike, Hike Committee (Wentworth Recreational Facility Masterplan) 

Paul Revere Heritage Site (Pavilion Project)

Public Library (Library Park Phase I)

Canton Public Schools: Gibson Field Lighting, and JFK Playground

Parks & Recreation: Williams Estate Playground and Pequitside Farm Playground 

APPLYING FOR CPA FUNDING: The application period for FY25 funding (voted on at Town Meeting in May, 2024) is CLOSED.

Applications and forms can be found under the "Applications and Forms" tab on the column menu on the left.

Please reach out with any questions: or call 339-502-5729.


*Schedule and location subject to change

Unless otherwise noted, meetings are on Mondays at 7pm in Copper Mill Hall (2nd floor of the brick building) at the Paul Revere Heritage Site, 4 Rolling Mill Way, Canton.

March 4 (Yellow Barn at PRHS - ground floor)

April 8

May 6

June 3

July 1

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December 16

For more information about CPA -- including a comprehensive database of CPA-funded projects throughout the Commonwealth -- please refer to the Community Preservation Coalitions website at:

Contact the Canton Community Preservation Committee: by email or at 339-502-5729