Demolition Delay Bylaw

The 2003 Annual Town Meeting approved a Demolition Delay Bylaw that allows the Canton Historical Commission to delay the demolition of historically or architecturally significant buildings or structures that were built prior to 1940.  The Commission may delay demolition for a period of up to six months.  The Bylaw provides the opportunity for the Commission to work with the owner to consider an alternative plan for the building or structure in question. 

An owner whose property was built prior to 1940 and requests a demolition permit from the Building Inspector must first receive approval from the Historical Commission.  If the Commission determines that the building/structure is historically or architecturally significant and thereby preferable preserved, a six month delay period is imposed.  The purpose of the delay period is to provide a window of opportunity to consider alternatives to demolition.  At the expiration of the demolition delay the Building Inspector may issue a demolition permit.  However, the building/structure may not be demolished until the owner has received all other applicable permits from town boards; i.e., Planning Board, Conservation Commission, Zoning Board of Appeals.

The Demolition Delay documents are available in pdf format