Dig Safe / Mark out Requests

Canton's Highway Drain, Water, and Sewer Divisions do not fall under the purview of 800-Dig-Safe or 811. Requests for Drain, Water and Sewer mark outs are handled by Canton's Engineering Division. Anyone requiring a mark out for services from the Town may call Engineering at 781-821-5063 or may visit the Public Works/Engineering Office found in the lower level of the Town Hall to get the process started.

Dig Safe

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If you are you planning site work improvements to your yard, planting bushes or trees or installing a deck or fence, a safe job starts with a call to Dig Safe at 811 whether you are hiring a contractor or doing it yourself.

Call 811 to avoid harm to you and those around you, utility service disruptions to your entire neighborhood, and to avoid fines and repair costs. For more information visit the Dig Safe Website.

Mark Out Requests

Please provide an address and owner information, description of the work being done, contractor, if any, and most importantly, a dig safe number and start date by filling out the Mark Out Request Form (PDF). Engineering Staff will determine if any permits are required for the proposed work. Town mark out requests will not be issued to the Divisions until all permits are obtained.

Town Staff has 72 hours to mark out utilities once the request clears the Engineering Office.

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