Plymouth Rubber Redevelopment Exhibits

Based on recent public input, the Town of Canton and Canton Holdings have entered a further, limited agreement regarding the development and use of the Neponset Street site, previously proposed as the location for a private daycare or kindergarten.  Specifically, and subject to the adoption by Town Meeting of the Rezoning project, the Developer agrees not to develop or use the Neponset Street site for daycare, kindergarten, pre-school or school purposes pursuant to the Development Agreement, but in lieu thereof shall have the right to develop and use a portion of the Main Site located on Revere Street for such private daycare or kindergarten, all as set forth in more detail in the linked document below .

Neponset St / Daycare Site Agreement

The following Plymouth Rubber environmental documents and links include:

(1) memoranda and attachments discussing various environmental reports produced by GeoInsight, Inc. (GeoInsight), GZA GeoEnvironmental, Inc. (GZA) and previous environmental consultants involved with the Plymouth Rubber facility

(2) resumes for key GeoInsight (and subcontractor) and GZA personnel involved with the most recent investigations and remedial planning for the site

(3) Questions and Answers relevant to the clean up plans prepared by GeoInsight and

(4) a link to access to a combination Phase II Comprehensive Site Assessment and Phase III Remedial Action Plan, dated January 17, 2014, and a Phase IV Remedial Implementation Plan, dated August 1, 2014, prepared by GeoInsight. The Phase II Comprehensive Site Assessment and Phase III Remedial Action Plan are approximately 2,500 pages in length and 130+ MB in file size, and may take a while to download - Click Here to access the reports

Environmental Documents

Schedule of Exhibits:

Exhibit A.      Site Plans for Revere Street

Exhibit A-1:  Site Plan with Community Open Space Acquisition

Exhibit A-2:  Site Plan without Community Open Space Acquisition

Exhibit B.      Site Plan for Neponset Street

Exhibit C.      Warrant Articles

Exhibit C-1:  Appropriations Article

Exhibit C-2:  DIF Authorization Article

Exhibit C-3:  Rezoning Article

Exhibit C-4:  Town Acquisition Article

Exhibit C-5:  Town Disposition Article

Exhibit C-6:  Zoning Map Amendment Article

Exhibit D.      Development District Plan

Exhibit E.      Development Program

Exhibit F.       Financial Plan

Exhibit G.      Declaration of Covenants, Restrictions and Easements

Exhibit H.      Schedule of Allocated Values/Costs

Exhibit I.        Copy of Land Court Plan 23714-A

Exhibit J.        Construction Phasing Plan

Exhibit J-1:  Construction Phasing Plan with Community Open Space Acquisition

Exhibit J-2:  Construction Phasing Plan without Community Open Space Acquisition

Exhibit K.       Water Line Connection

Exhibit L.      Site Water Feature Improvements

Exhibit M.     Revere Street Sidewalks and Bike Lane Improvements

Exhibit N.      Revere Street Improvements

Exhibit O.      Diversion Channel Bridge Improvements

Exhibit P.       Fire Station Roof Improvements

Exhibit Q.      Fire Station Signal Improvements

Exhibit R.      MBTA Signals Improvements

Exhibit S.       Junction Walkway Improvements

Exhibit T.      Neponset/Norfolk Street Improvements

Exhibit U.      Barn Improvements

Exhibit V.      Rolling Mill Improvements

Exhibit W.    Community Land and Walkway Improvements

Exhibit X.      Community Open Space Improvements

Exhibit Y.      Factory Pond Improvements

Exhibit Z.      Water Control Improvements

Exhibit AA.  Form of Letter of Credit

Exhibit BB.  Maximum Number of Bedrooms

Reason for the First Amended and Restated Development Agreement: 

The Development Agreement and relevant exhibits were amended to reflect changes resulting from the Canton Community Preservation Committee vote to recommend that Community Preservation Act (CPA) funds be used to purchase 6.85 acres of open space for community purposes for $1,740,000 instead of 5.2 acres of open space for $1,380,000, as originally agreed with the developer. 

In conjunction with having the right to acquire an additional 1.65 acres of open space, the amendments reconfigure the location of proposed residences so that the Town-owned community open space is further separated from the residences. 

The 6.85 acres of proposed CPA-funded open space, when combined with the 2.2 acres the developer has agreed to grant to the Town, will result in approximately 9 acres of Town-owned open space at the Paul Revere Heritage Site.  

Agreement and signature page

Board of Selectmen Response to Petition Requesting the Town of Canton to Stop Remediation and Redevelopment of the Paul Revere Heritage Site off Revere Street, Canton with New Roadway

At the Board of Selectmen meeting held on June 28, 2016, a citizen group presented the Board of Selectmen with a petition concerning the Paul Revere Heritage Site and the new roadway to be constructed.  The Board's response to the petition can be seen here.