Walk, Bike, and Hike Committee


  • Deborah Stein Sharpe
  • Patricia A McDermott
  • Tim Calabrese 
  • Linda Sliverstein
  • Jeffrey Sullivan
  • Allison Patton
  • Brian Loughran

Mission and Goals

The Canton Walk, Bike and Hike Committee is organized to help improve hiking, bicycling and pedestrian conditions in Canton.  

Volunteer Opportunities

Preferred qualifications for volunteers are having an interest in walking, hiking or cycling. Ideally members should be from various neighborhoods and areas of Canton and be able to attend meetings consistently. Skills in trail development or maintenance, infrastructure assessment, and active education are all welcome. The approximate time commitment of members is three hours a month.  

Appointments to this committee are for three year terms.  

Looking for a listing of trails in Canton?  Just click here for a link.

The Committee has compiled the following document describing various walking trails.  Click here for this Trail Guide

Contact Us - CWBH@town.canton.ma.us