Route 138 Corridor Study

Aerial of Route 138 with Potential Development Areas Highlighted

Canton Route 138 Corridor Study: MassDevelopment Site Readiness Program

The Town was awarded $75,000 in MassDevelopment Site Readiness technical assistance services. The Site Readiness Program technical assistance aims to:

  • Boost the Commonwealth's inventory of large, well-located, project-ready sites
  • Accelerate private-sector investment in industrial and commercial projects
  • Support the conversion of abandoned sites and obsolete facilities into clean, actively-used, tax-generating properties

About the Area

Route 138 is Canton's most heavily traveled arterial, a main location for the town's commercial base, and a location for future development. The area has large lots, with some vacant/underutilized land, and a hodge podge of zoning and uses. Development on Route 138 needs to be shaped carefully to minimize traffic problems and safety issues, and to create an environment that will be aesthetically pleasing. Generally, the community has expressed a desire for a stronger design identity to create a sense of place, and destination stores, restaurants, or other community resources as a draw.

Updating the Plan

It is a good time to look at a strategic plan and vision for the Route 138 corridor. The Town is updating its comprehensive Master Plan, and the MassDOT will likely implement infrastructure improvements for safety, pedestrian, and cyclist access in the next 5 years.

Helpful Resources

For more information email Laura Smead, Town Planner or call at 781-575-6575.

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  • October 23rd, 2019 from 7 to 9 pm: Second public workshop and open house (Bank of Canton Headquarters conference room, 490 Turnpike Street)
  • (Related but separate study) MassDOT's Route 138 Roadway Improvements Public Meeting, October 22nd from 6:30 to 8 pm in the Fuller Village Function Room, 1372 Brush Hill Road, Milton, MA
  • July 10th, 7 to 9 pm : First public workshop and open house (Bank of Canton Headquarters conference room, 490 Turnpike St


Working Group
  • Charlie Aspinwall, Town Administrator
  • David Mccarthy, Planning Board And Master Plan Steering Committee
  • Sonja Grauds, Master Plan Steering Committee      
  • Emilio Mauro, Master Plan Steering Committee, Finance Committee, Economic Development Committee
  • Patricia Mcdermott, Planning Board, Walk Bike And Hike Committee, Sustainability Committee
  • Greg Pando, Zoning Board Of Appeals
  • Laura Smead, Town Planner
  • Ed Walsh, Building Commissioner
  • Chris Connolly, Board Of Selectmen
  • John Ciardi, FIS/ Canton Association of Business and Industry
  • Consultant firm: RKG Associates
  • MassDevelopment Project Manager: Christine Madore

Scope of Work

  • Existing Conditions Analysis: Desire to understand how existing conditions in the Route 138 corridor are contributing to commercial and industrial vacancies and what can be done to capitalize on the corridor’s attributes with hopes of revitalizing the area
  • Coordination with MassDOT: Will coordinate MassDevelopment work with MassDOT corridor infrastructure upgrades
  • Market Analysis: Profile the local market for commercial and industrial real estate in Canton and the local region in order to inform the economic potential of existing and other uses along the corridor. Rent levels and occupancy or retail, commercial, industrial and office space in Canton shall be reviewed
  • Fiscal impacts of different scenarios would also be studied
  • Barriers Analysis: Canton’s zoning would be reviewed to identify barriers
  • Community outreach: Stakeholder interviews, two public workshops to include the Town, the public, and other stakeholders with identifying a vision for what is wanted and needed along this corridor, as well as vetting focus areas and specific strategies. This will include an online survey for more public comment.
  • Final report and presentation: A final report and presentation would summarize all the efforts, and describe the final revitalization strategy and outline implementation steps (such as zoning) that could be incorporated into the Master Plan, recommended to MassDOT, and implemented at Town Meeting.
  • Timeline: Project will last about 6 to 8 months, concluding approximately December 2019