Land Use and Economic Development

Below is an archive of recent land use and economic development focused plans and reports. 
  1. Rapid recovery plan
  2. Route 138 Study
  3. Canton Junction Area Study
  4. Draper Knitting Study
  5. Golf Course Study


The Local Rapid Recovery Plan (LRRP) Program was a project of the Massachusetts Downtown Initiative (MDI). It provided municipalities in the Commonwealth with the opportunity to develop actionable, project-based recovery plans tailored to the unique economic challenges and COVID-19 related impacts to downtowns, town centers, and commercial areas. Included are analysis and exploration of challenges, barriers, strategies, and actions, with a focus on developing tactical and strategic project recommendations to help communities achieve their recovery goals. The effort culminated in plans that summarized the diagnostic findings and offer clear, tactical project recommendations.

3 Phases of Local Rapid Recovery Planning

*Phase 1 – April - May, 2021 - Data Gathering and Diagnostics: Canton Center businesses were surveyed (134 contacted by hand-delivery, mail, and/or email. Received 28 responses.  Results can be viewed here.

*Phase 2 – June - July, 2021 - Analysis and Project(s) Recommendations: Piloted a Regional Restaurant Week, featuring restaurants from Canton, Dedham, Norwood, and Westwood.  Early strategic intervention ideas are being vetted with Canton Center businesses via a second (quick) survey, concluding at the end of June.  The presentation to the Select Board can be viewed here.

*Phase 3 – July - October, 2021 -  Prioritization of strategic intervention ideas, final presentations, and Final Plan creation.

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