Completed and Ongoing Initiatives

  • 2011: Large-scale ground mounted solar overlay zoning district
  • 2012: Large-scale ground mounted solar array on Canton's capped landfill
  • 2013: Solar panels installed at the Galvin Middle School and Canton High School
  • 2017:  Secured zoning for renewable energy manufacturing and/or research and development facilities as a right in Limited Industrial and Industrial Districts
  • 2017: Adopted expedited permitting for new renewable energy manufacturing and/or research and development facilities
  • 2017: Passed the Stretch Energy Building Code
  • 2017: Passed a fuel-efficient vehicle policy for municipal and school vehicles
  • 2017:  Created an Energy Reduction Plan for municipal and school buildings, vehicles, lighting, and open space
  • 2017-present:  Attained Green Communities grant designation, and received both an initial designation grant and competitive grant to complete several LED lighting and weatherization projects in municipal and school buildings.  
  • 2018: The energy used at Town Hall to be purchased through 100% renewable energy sources
  • 2019: Plastic bag reduction bylaw passed
  • 2021: Community Choice energy electricity aggregation passed at Town meeting.
  • 2021: Public electric vehicle charging stations installed at the Armando Center and Pequitside Farm.
  • 2022: Formation of the Energy Advisory Committee.

Future Efforts

  • Continue to upgrade energy-efficiency in municipal and school buildings, using both Green Communities grants and town capital investments
  • Increase the use of solar and other alternative energy sources at municipal and school buildings and facilities
  • Update zoning bylaw to clarify solar generation
  • Explore community solar program
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