COVID19 Daily Statistics Updated daily by 9am

COVID19 Daily Statistics

Updated daily by 9am


As of April 12, 2021 the Town of Canton has 1,917 confirmed and 206 probable COVID-19 cases in Canton. The number of unknown and undiagnosed cases in the community are most likely considerably higher. YOU have the power to save a life. Wear a mask - Wash hands - Keep it small - Avoid crowds - Stay home - Get tested

Total confirmed cases in Massachusetts: 619,885
New confirmed cases in Massachusetts today: 1,831
Total Confirmed cases in Canton: 1,917
Total Probable cases in Canton: 206
Total number of deaths in Canton reported: 84

The following data covers the last 14 day period from March 21, 2021 to April 3, 2021:
Updated each Monday by 12pm
This data aligns with data provided by the Department of Public Health and will be updated Monday of each week. These numbers reflect confirmed and probable cases. Please note that probable cases that turn confirmed are not counted twice. (See link below to the MDPH dashboard to access the glossary of terms)

Current Status: Yellow
Current Phase: Step 1 Phase IV
Case Count: 109
Average Daily Incidence Rate per 100,000: 33.6
Total Tests: 2,946
Percent Positivity: 4.04%
Change in Percent Positivity: lower


Breakdown in age (14 day data): 


Total Breakdown in age: 



 For more information and statistics on COVID19 please visit the DPH Dashboard website: Massachusetts Department of Public Health COVID19 Dashboard

Canton Vaccination Rate (Updated 4/1/2021)


Age GroupPopulationProportion of town populationIndividuals with at least one doseIndividuals with at least one dose per capitaProportion of town individuals with at least one doseFully vaccinated individualsFully vaccinated individuals per capitaProportion of town fully vaccinated individualsPartially vaccinated individualsPartially vaccinated individuals per capitaProportion of town partially vaccinated individuals
0-19 Years               5,49224%                         245
4%2%                                1012%2%                  1443%4%
20-29 Years               2,56411%                         88334%9%                             45318%7%               43017%11%
30-49 Years               5,71625%                     2,38942%23%                          1,27722%20%               1,11219%29%
50-64 Years               4,87721%                     2,81058%27%                          1,47130%23%            1,33927%35%
65-74 Years               2,35810%                     2,10289%20%                          1,53165%24%               57124%15%
75+ Years               2,1659%                     1,92789%19%                          1,66377%26%               26412%7%
Total             23,173100%                     10,35645%100%                          6,49628%100%            3,86017%100%