COVID19 Statistics

COVID19 Weekly Statistics

Updated weekly on Fridays. This information will reflect data through end of day Thursday.
Update 7/23/2021

Week Period Dates: July 16, 2021 - July 22,2021
Total Cases in the past week: 3
Total Probable Cases in the last week: 1
Total Confirmed Cases in Canton: 2,044
Total Probable Cases in Canton: 219
Total number of Death reported in Canton: 85
Total Confirmed Cases in Massachusetts: 667,818
New confirmed cases in Massachusetts today: 477

The following data covers the last 14 day period from July 4, 2021 to July 17,2021:
This data aligns with data provided by the Department of Public Health and will be updated Friday of each week. These numbers reflect confirmed and probable cases. Please note that probable cases that turn confirmed are not counted twice. (See link below to the MDPH dashboard to access the glossary of terms)

Current Status: Gray
Case Count: 15
Average Daily Incidence Rate per 100,000: 4.6
Total Tests: 1058
Percent Positivity: 1.61
Change in Percent Positivity: higher

Weekly trend of new cases for Canton:

weekly trend updated 7-22-21


Breakdown in age (7 day data) for Canton:

daily reported updated 7-22-21


Total Breakdown in age for Canton:

cases by age 7-17-21



 For more information and statistics on COVID19 please visit the DPH Dashboard website: Massachusetts Department of Public Health COVID19 Dashboard

Vaccination Data for Canton (7/22/2021)

Age Group
PopulationProportion of town populationIndividuals with at least one doseIndividuals with at least one dose per capitaProportion of town individuals with at least one doseFully vaccinated individualsFully vaccinated individuals per capitaProportion of town fully vaccinated individualsPartially vaccinated individualsPartially vaccinated individuals per capitaProportion of town partially vaccinated individuals
12-15 Years
        1,2105%          75663%4%61050%4%          14612%9%
16-19 Years
        1,1075%         1,02793%6%          88079%6%          14713%9%
20-29 Years
        2,56411%      1,92875%11%     1,72867%11%        2008%13%
30-49 Years
        5,71625%      4,78884%28%      4,42777%28%     3616%23%
50-64 Years
        4,87721%      4,30688%25%      3,97181%25%           3357%21%
65-74 Years
        2,35810%       2,324>95%14%        2,13491%14%         1908%12%
75+ Years
        2,1659%        2,02994%12%        1,85085%12%           1798%11%
     23,173100%  17,16172%100% 15,60067%100%     1,5617%100%