Neponset Street Design Improvements


Canton became a "Housing Choice" community in 2018, which was then renewed in 2020. The Housing Choice Initiative provides incentives, rewards, technical assistance and targeted legislative reform to encourage and empower municipalities to plan and build the diverse housing stock that the Commonwealth needs to continue to thrive. It also provides exclusive admission to new Housing Choice Capital Grants, as well as priority access to many other Commonwealth grant and capital funding programs. Housing Choice communities also receive a 0.5% discount on the interest rate for State Revolving Fund loans. 

In late 2019, Canton was awarded a $150,000 Housing Choice Infrastructure Grant to study a section of Neponset Street (Washington Street to Chapman). The nearby Paul Revere Heritage Site has 272 housing units under construction.  While there are street improvements included for Revere Street, Neponset Street will also be impacted - however no capital improvements are included as a part of the development work.  This grant allows the Town to partner with BETA Group to perform a preliminary analysis and develop a concept design plan to identify and guide the implementation of roadway, bicycle and pedestrian improvements along a section of Neponset Street. 


  1. (complete) Start Up and Data Collection: Volume, speed, and crash information was gathered for all modes of transportation (different types of vehicles, cyclists, and pedestrians). Input from Town officials and department heads was gathered. Existing conditions was observed.
  2. (complete) Field Survey Coordination and Base Plan: Right-of-way and utility record information was gathered, and a detailed field survey was conducted. A base plan was compiled.
  3. (complete) Operational Analysis: Model operations of key intersections was conducted (including forecasting).  Assessed crash history when known.  Evaluated deficiencies observed or noted by Town officials.  Prepared a function design report to justify the project and evaluate the design. 
  4. (complete) Conceptual/Preliminary Corridor Design Plan: A preliminary roadway design has been created to provide for pedestrian and cyclist accommodation, sidewalk connections, grading, ADA compliance, and the new traffic signal at the intersection of Neponset/ Revolutionary Way/Norfolk Street. 
  5. (in progress) Outreach and Meeting(s): A public  meeting was held on March 25th, 2021 at 7pm. The goal of this meeting was to solicit public commentary and reaction to determine community goals for the project and build support for the proposed improvements. An additional presentation to the Select Board will be scheduled.  
  6. (by June 30, 2021) Preliminary Design Submission: The preliminary design will be revised and finalized based on the input from the community and Town Officials. Budgetary construction cost estimates will be developed based on the recommended roadway improvements. Possible funding sources and strategies will be determined, and next steps outlined. 

Preliminary Corridor Design Plan

Public Workshop Slides and Recording

Questions and Comments

Reach out to Laura Smead (Town Planner) or 781-575-6575.