Expired Conservation Permit Lists

Located below are lists are of open, expired permits issued by the Canton Conservation Commission since 1971. Permits are recorded in the chain of title for the property listed as the project site. After most permits  you must come back to the Commission to determine compliance with what was permitted. Open, expired permits can hold up the sale of a property, or slow down the permitting process for any new projects needing a permit. Also note that applicants with open, expired permits with the Canton Conservation Commission will be asked to provide a performance bond to ensure that future projects are properly closed out. 

If you see your name as an applicant or your property listed, please contact the Conservation Office at 781-821-5035 or rmilani@town.canton.ma.us for information on how to close out your permit with the Commission. 

*Note: those permits highlighted in green expired during COVID-19 and under state law have a "tolling period"- please contact the Agent to determine new expiration date. If your project is complete please submit a Request for a Certificate of Compliance. If work is on-going you must submit a Request for an Extension.