Tree Removal Policy

The Canton Conservation Commission adopted a tree removal policy in October 2021 for when property owners wish to remove trees within wetland jurisdictional areas (within 100 feet of a wetland and 200 feet of a stream or river) and no other work is proposed. This policy requires that property owners come for a permit to remove trees when they are within a wetland or the Canton No Disturbance Zone or when more than five (5) trees will be removed within wetland buffer zone. When four (4) or less trees will be removed in buffer zone an administrative review only is required. For all tree removal projects near wetlands please complete a Conservation Permit Inquiry Form and send it to the Conservation Agent to determine what standard your project must meet. Please download the Tree Removal Policy for more detail. 

A reminder that any unpermitted work within wetland jurisdictional areas can be subject to a fine of $300 per day and restoration plantings if the proper approvals are not sought before tree work. 

There is no ordinance in Canton regulating the removal of trees in upland unless the tree is in the public right of way or along a road designated a scenic way. If you live along a designated scenic way you must check with the Canton Planning Board before removing any trees along the road.