Saint Gerard's Reuse Committee

Committee Members

Charles Doody, Town Administrator - Chair
Gene Manning, Vice Chair
William Quinn, Clerk
Brian Callery
Marilyn Curran
Mary Graziano
Peter Marshalka

Joe Masciarelli
Amanda Ryder
Gerald Salvatori, Jr
Edward Sussek

Mission and Goals 

The mission of the Advisory Committee is to present to the Select Board with a short list of three to five potential uses for the property that the Advisory Committee believes have broad community support.

The Advisory Committee shall evaluate all the community input and ultimately present the most desirable ideas to the Select Board through a written report, with due consideration for their respective financial implications, ease of implementation, legal requirements, ability to serve multiple community interest and values, and the extent to which there is a demonstrated need.

Meetings are projected to be held on the First and Third Wednesday of each month starting in December of 2022.