What is the CPA?



Established under M.G.L. c. 44B, the Community Preservation Act (CPA) allows Massachusetts cities and towns to raise funds through a surcharge on local real estate taxes.  These funds can be used to:

  •  acquire, create and preserve open space;  
  •  acquire, preserve, rehabilitate or restore historic resources;  
  •  acquire, create, preserve and support community housing;  and 
  •  acquire and preserve land for recreational use. 


In the General Election of 2012, Canton residents voted to adopt the CPA with
 a 1% surcharge on all real estate property tax bills with two exemptions:

  1. residential property owned and occupied by any person who qualifies for low- income housing, or low- or moderate-income senior housing, and
  2. the first $100,000 of taxable value of all residential real property.

At the 2014 Annual Town Meeting, voters approved to extend the $100,000 tax exemption to commercial and industrial property owners.   

Is our Project Eligible?  Click here to view a summary of the MA Department of Revenue's Allowable Uses Chart.

For more information about CPA -- including a comprehensive database of CPA-funded projects throughout the Commonwealth -- please refer to the Community Preservation Coalitions website at:  www.communitypreservation.org.