Sustainability Climate Action Plan Committee


Taylor Torres - Town Planner, Kristine Meaney - Stormwater Manager, Patricia McDermott - Planning Board Rep., Tim Calabrese - Sustainability Committee Rep, Tom Birmingham - Energy Advisory Committee Rep., Hannah Gervais - Canton High School Rep., Brianna Abend - Canton High School Rep., Jennifer Wexler - Member, Jennifer Collins - Member, Matthew Masciarelli - Member, Isabella Luca - Member, Alan Abend - Member, Kathleen O'Connell - Member, Steven Colson - Member, Gregory Murphy - Member.

All terms last 1 years and are appointed by the Select Board.


The mission of the Steering Committee is to:

a. Advise and assist the Select Board, Town Administrator, and Town Planner to more effectively and efficiently fulfill their respective sustainability-related duties and accountabilities until a more permanent governance structure is approved;

b. Support the implementation of 2023 ATM Warrant Article 27, including:

i. Facilitating the development of Canton’s Climate Action Plan (CAP);

ii. Initiating the timely establishment of a new Town Sustainability and Climate Manager or related position ; and

iii. Initiating the process to identify applicable funding and other responsible economic growth opportunities to support these sustainability-related efforts.

c. Actively elicit and address community issues, needs, and concerns while ensuring transparency and communication with the public.

d. Assist the Town of Canton, its residents and businesses to address the following two key aspects of climate change:

  • Mitigation: To reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to net zero by transitioning off fossil fuels to clean, renewable energy consistent with M.G.L. S9 Decarbonization Roadmap (or other applicable evolving state guidelines); and
  • Adaptation: To address the effects that climate change has on our Town (e.g., increased flooding, droughts, heatwaves, etc.) consistent with best practices, including how we assess our vulnerability and respond to climate-related emergencies as well as manage our land use and zoning practices.